Today, most people involved in the HVAC industry around the world are familiar with the Nailor International Group of manufacturing companies: However, many may not know that the group had humble beginnings.


Ruskin Company was founded in the Ruskin Heights area of Kansas City in 1958. From our humble beginnings with a handful of employees building fire dampers, Ruskin has grown into the largest and most innovative manufacturer of air control solutions with 21 production and office locations worldwide and over 3,300 employees.

Developer of the world's most user friendly configurable DDC controller... Ever!!  The InetSupervisor suite of software and hardware products is revolutionizing the building automation industry by the shifting the balance of power from manufacturer's of closed, proprietary systems to the end-users and building owners.  Utilizing a simple point and click interface the user can develop is extremely powerful and complex building automation systems.

Engineered Comfort fan coil units are the only true commercial quality fan cloil units available today.  They are also the most versatile units on the market.  Engineered Comfort offers heavy-duty commercial construction, commercial type control sequences, superior motor control, and the largest list of options and feautures found in fan coil units today.  

When you need Truly Special Air Distribution Air Concepts Inc. is an air distribution manufacturer specializing in unique air distribution products within the HVAC industry.

SWARTWOUT Industrial is a manufacturer of Specialty Air Control Products, as the name implies dedicated to the manufacture of Heavy Duty Dampers, Louvers, and Ventilators.  

THERMAL CORP, a big player in a highly specialized field for over 67 years.     Thermal Corporation has been manufacturing quality air handling equipment since 1945.

Ruskin Sound Control can quiet the toughest noise problems.  With over 40 years of experience, Ruskin Sound Control is recognized as a leading manufacturer of acoustical duct silencers and acoustical thermal modular housings, providing top quality and unparalleled performance at an economical price.

ACME Fans Featured

Acme Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation is known worldwide as a leader in the manufacture of fans, blowers, and ventilation equipment. Acme’s growth over the past half century is a tribute to superior quality, customer loyalty, and dedicated employees and sales representatives.

Flexmaster USA, Inc. Manufactures the highest quality of insulated, acoustic, and non-insulated flexible duct for exacting HVAC applications, and where long life, performance, and efficiency are primary goals.

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