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Rectangular 1-Way displacement diffuser, ceiling mount, flat face, steel perforated face



  • Construction: Heavy gauge corrosion-resistant coated steel plenum. Extruded aluminum diffuser frame mechanically interlocked withreinforced mitered corners for strength. Standard 18 ga. (1.3)perforated face has 3/32" (2.38) dia. holes on 3/16" (4.76) staggeredcenters, providing 23% free area.
  • An equalization baffle is provided behind and secured to the diffuserface to ensure an even distribution of low velocity air.
  • These ceiling mounted displacement diffusers are especiallydesigned to supply air at a low velocity from a suspended ceilinginstallation.
  • The DCF1 discharges air evenly across the face in alaminar flow manner with minimal turbulance or induction of roomair. The cool supply air flows from the ceiling down to the floor,where it disperses and displaces warmer room air. Standard finish is AW Appliance White polyester powder coat.

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