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The FlowLine™ FLH Series continuous slot diffuser is designed primarily for ceiling applications. 

The adjustable pattern controllers, which are easily adjusted from the face, allow the discharge air to be directed to the left or right as well as downward. When positioned for horizontal discharge, a tight horizontal air pattern is produced that makes full use of the ceiling (coanda) effect, even at reduced air volumes.High induction characteristics maximize room air movement and mixing, making FlowLine™ FLH Series eminently suitable for variable air volume systems.


  • Heavy wall extruded aluminum construction with galvanized steel pattern controllers.
  • Sliding pattern controller design provides easy adjustment for horizontal or vertical directional control as well as a volume control or shut-off capability.
  • Dual blade pattern controllers are constructed on 24" (610) centers as standard for maximum flexibility.
  • Five slot widths in a one or two slot configuration provide a high air volume capability.
  • Single section lengths up to 12 ft. (3658) reduce the number of joints in continuous runs.
  • Multiple section assemblies are divided into equal length single sections and are provided with alignment strips.
  • Mitered end borders on standard frame Type AA provide a superior architectural finish not available from several competitors.
  • FlowLine™ can be custom curved in any plane - concave, convex or flat radius.


  • FlowLine™ FLH Series is designed for continuous length installation in both hard drywall or acoustical suspension (T-Bar) ceiling systems. Optional mounting hardware is available to suit the installation method.
  • Available in two standard and various special frame/border designs to suit any installation requirement.
  • Various end border options are available to suit installation.
  • Mitered corner and transition sections are available.


  • Model Series FLP(I) factory engineered plenum boots are available, which ensure both a trouble free installation and that catalog performance is met.


  • Standard finish is AW Appliance White baked enamel on exposed frame surfaces. Pattern controllers and interior surfaces are black.
  • Custom color baked enamel and anodized finishes are available to suit architectural requirements.

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