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The Nailor 92LFD Series Laminar Flow Diffusers utilize the well-proven and time-tested concept of vertical air mass 'laminar flow' technology. The 92LFD Series produce a non-aspirating, low velocity, uniformly distributed downward moving 'piston' of conditioned air.

They may be used individually, or as in the case of hospital operating rooms, several units may be banked together to sufficiently cover the area and produce one large combined laminar mass. Installed in an operating room above the operating table, the clean conditioned air flows over and blankets the operating table, helping to protect and effectively isolate the patient from contaminated air. The only significant amount of room air entrainment occurs at the outer boundary of the laminar flow mass, outside the confines of the operating table. The patient is therefore bathed in 'clean air' and effectively isolated from secondary room air and any airborne contaminants.

The advantages of 'Laminar Flow' technology provide similar benefits in other 'cleanroom' applications such as research laboratories, animal laboratories, food processing plants and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The ability of the 92LFD Series to maintain a sterile environment directly below is enhanced by the use of low level exhaust grilles located around the room periphery which remove the contaminated air before it can react with the boundary layer of the laminar flow mass.
A more recent application has been their use in computer rooms, where localized heavy cooling loads present a problem. The 92LFD Series, when installed overhead, cools the load source directly, without creating objectionable high velocities in the occupied zone.

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