Belt drive, centrifugal exhauster with the motor, drives and bearings located outside the airstream.

The TIB is designed to operate in any position and is furnished with mounting fl anges on both ends for easy installation. Model TIB has a wide range of static pressures. 

Construction Features


  • Heavy gauge, rolled steel construction
  • Standard charcoal baked enamel fi nish provides a tough, durable surface 

Inlet and Outlet

  • Rolled fl ange at each end for ease of mounting
  • Inlet and outlet diameters are identical to accommodate a single duct size


  • Streamlined, continuously welded, aluminum orifi ce is optimally matched to the wheel and bolted onto the inlet

Universal Mounting Brackets

  • 8 Heavy duty, steel mounting brackets with 4 interchangeable, bolted on mounting feet allow the TIB to be mounted in any position
  • Compatible with isolators
  • Standard coating is charcoal baked enamel


  • Dichromate plated, steel fasteners


  • Aluminum, centrifugal wheel with backward curved blades
  • Non-overloading design for high effi ciency and minimal sound 
  • The dynamically balanced impellers for our products are balanced to the grade G6.3 as described in the standards:
    • ANSI/AMCA 204 “Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans”
    • ISO 14694 “Fans – Specifi cations for balance quality and
      vibration levels”


  • Acme D.S. Pillow Block Bearings are resiliently mounted in neoprene rings and permanently lubricated in a duplex split pillow housing
    • Rated at L50 life of 200,000 hours
    • 5 year limited warranty


  • Corrosion-resistant coated, steel shaft
  • Sized so that fi rst critical speed is at least 25% over the max operating speed


  • Continuous duty motors with sealed ball bearings
  • Motors are located outside the airstream
  • Motors are bolted solid to the mount

Drive Assembly

  • Variable pitch drive assembly
  • Cast iron drives sized for 150% of fan horsepower
  • Static free, oil, and heat-resistant belts

Belt and Bearing Enclosure

  • Streamline enclosure virtually eliminates turbulence and air drag
  • Bearings are ventilated with outside air for longer life

Disconnect Device

  • Standard without disconnect device


  • Permanently affi xed manufacturer’s nameplate containing the tag information, model number, and serial number, for future identifi cation; CFM and static pressure (inches w.g.) are included when selected through air and sound


  • Disconnect Switch
  • Access Door
  • Bearings
  • Fixed Pitch Drive Assembly
  • Spark Resistant Construction 
  • Inlet and Outlet Guard
  • Belt Guard/Motor Cover
  • Isolators
  • Stainless Steel Tag
  • Optional Coatings

Additional Info

  • Max Static Pressure: 1.0" w.c.
  • Max Airflow (CFM): 31,810
  • Drive Type: Belt Drive
  • Blade Type: Centrifugal

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