Ventilators are direct drive propeller roof fans designed to deliver large volumes of air at high static pressure. LQ fans operate more quietly than conventional propeller roof ventilators and are recommended for applications requiring lower noise levels. The low silhouette of the LQ harmonizes with modern architectural design.   Features Housing Hood, orifice and curbcap constructed of heavy gauge aluminum Removable hood for easy access to motor and propeller  Large streamlined orifice permits efficient, less turbulent airflow Rugged steel frame transmits weight of motor and propeller directly to curbcap Bird Screen constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel wire mesh Propeller Advanced tear-drop blade design for low noise performance with a minimum of air turbulence Constructed of aluminum blades fastened to a formed steel hub with heavy duty rivets Precision balanced for smooth vibration free operation Motors Totally enclosed continuous duty type with lubricated sealed ball bearings Located in the full airstream for cooler operation and longer life under continuous duty Finish Charcoal baked enamel finish is standard on all steel parts


Options/Accessories Prefabricated Curbs Dampers Damper Boxes Coatings Solid State Controllers not mounted or wired NEMA 3R disconnect not mounted or wired Hinge Kit

Additional Info

  • Drive Type: Direct Drive
  • Blade Type: Axial
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