Horizontal Fan Coil Units

Low Profile - In Room - Model Series 40H

The Low Profile 40H Series fan coil units designed for hotels, schools, apartment and residential condominiums which occupy a minimum of space and minimize field installation time and cost.

 40H Series Models

Model Description
D40HF Free Return, Digital Control
D40HP w/ Plenum, Digital Control
D40HT Telescoping, Digital Control
D40HX Exposed, Digital Control
E40HF Free Return, Electric Control
E40HP w/ Plenum, Electric Control
E40HT Telescoping, Electric Control
E40HZ Exposed, Electric Control

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  • Low Profile - Ducted - Model Series 37FH Low Profile - Ducted - Model Series 37FH

    The 37FH Series is a fully commercial quality unit designed for concealed ceiling applications where a lower profile is required (11" high unit).

  • High Capacity - Ducted - Model Series 35FH High Capacity - Ducted - Model Series 35FH

    The Engineered Comfort 35FH Series fan coil accommodate a variety of applications, designed typically for installation above a ceiling where a high capacity is required. Ten nominal sizes are offered, ranging from 200 to 2550 CFM (94 to 1200 l/s) or 1 to 6 tons with external static pressure up to 0.8" (200 Pa).

  • Floor/Sill - In Room - Model Series 41V Floor/Sill - In Room - Model Series 41V

    The 41V Series is available in concealed and exposed chassis. The slender design makes this unit ideal for perimeter heating and cooling applications in hotels, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings. The coil section of the 41V is lined with fiberglass insulation to provide positive protection against sweating and maximum dampening of noise. Standard 41V units are provided with a galvanized finish.

  • Closet/Hideaway - Model Series 39MU Closet/Hideaway - Model Series 39MU

    The 39MU Low Boy Vertical Fan Coil Unit product line is a compact design for concealed stand-alone applications (such as in a closet). The standard Updraft model features bottom return air entry and is raised off the floor by mounting on a platform.

  • Hi-Rise/Stack - Low Profile - Model Series 39L Hi-Rise/Stack - Low Profile - Model Series 39L

    The 39L series is the same design, unit sizes, features and options as the standard 39VH series model, but in a reduced height (80") casing for easier installation where floor to floor height is restricted.

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