Vertical Fan Coil Units

Hi-Rise/Stack - Model Series 39VH

The 39VH series is designed as a modular unit with integral risers to allow units to be "stacked" one on top of the other in a vertical column rising floor to floor up the building. This allows the use of one set of common risers, significantly reducing the installed cost compared to other fan coil systems.



A39VHW 2-Pipe, Heating, Analog Control
A39VHZ 2-Pipe, Cooling, Analog Control
A39HVZE 2-Pipe, Cooling w/ Electric Heat, Analog Control
A39VHZW 4-Pipe, Cooling/Heating, Analog Control
D39VHW 2-Pipe, Heating, Digital Control
D39VHZ 2-Pipe, Cooling, Digital Control
D39VHZE  2-Pipe, Cooling w/ Electric Heat, Digital Control
D39VHZW 4-Pipe, Cooling/Heating, Digital Control
E39VHW 2-Pipe, Heating, Electric Control
E39VHZ 2-Pipe, Cooling, Electric Control
E39VHZE 2-Pipe, Cooling w/ Electric Heat, Electric Control
E39VHZW 4-Pipe, Cooling/Heating, Electric Control

Air Delivery

Life Safety

Air Measuring

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