Network Devices

RHEA-300 Network Application Server

The Rhea Network Application Server is a hardware platform for hosting the InetSupervisor suite of programs and services.

The Rhea ships with Enterprise features that enable integrators to build robust, scalable LNS networks while preserving the performance of small networks. Also, the Rhea now ships in a fan-less enclosure eliminating the possibility of fan failures. The enclosure is mounted onto a Vesa-monitor-mount compatible back plate for ease of installation in panels and on backs of compliant monitors. Firmware is tailored to support Touch-Screen interface. Just plug it in and Rhea wakes-up to a full screen web site. All graphics are accessible via a web browser from remote computers. Rhea serves its web pages by a build-in web server, ftp server, LNS server.


Technical Specifications

Operating System Windows 7 Embeded
Database Server MS SQL Server Express
USB 2.0 2
USB 3.0 1
HDMI Output 2
10/100 Ethernet 1
Data Points 300

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