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The 35S Series provides many standard design features and superior sound performance when compared with other basic model designs. The 35S offers a compact and economical design well suited to the majority of applications.



  • Unique 16 ga. (1.6) galvanized steel channel space frame construction provides extreme rigidity and 20 ga. (1.00) casing components. 
  • 16 ga. (1.6) galvanized steel inclined opposed blade primary air damper. 45O rotation, CW to close. 1/2" (13) dia. plated steel drive shaft. An indicator    mark on the end of the shaft shows damper-position. Leakage s less than 2% of nominal flow at 3" w.g. (750 Pa). 
  • Perforated baffle on primary air discharge optimizes mixing with induced air for rapid and effective temperature equalization. The baffle also converts low   frequency primary air valve generated sound into more readily attenuated higher frequencies.
  • Pressure independent primary airflow control.
  • Multi-point averaging flow sensor.
  • Terminal is field flippable, providing left or right installation connections. Refer to IOM for details.
  • Universal access panels on all four sides of terminal for ease of maintenance and service. 
  • Energy efficient PSC fan motor with thermal overload protection.
  • Motor blower assembly mounted on special 16 ga. (1.6) angles and isolated from casing with rubber isolators.
  • Adjustable solid state fan speed controller with minimum voltage stop.
  • Hinged door on fan controls enclosure.
  • 3/4" (19), dual density insulation. Exposed edges coated to prevent air erosion. Meets requirements of NFPA 90A and UL 181.
  • Available with electric or hot water supplementary heat.
  • All controls are mounted on exterior of terminal providing ready access for field adjustment.
  • Each terminal factory tested prior to shipment.
  • Single point electrical and/or pneumatic main air connection.
  • Discharge opening designed for flanged duct connection.
  • Full primary air valve low voltage enclosure for factory mounted DDC and analog electronic controls.



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