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Hospital system designs have to contend with the presence of infectious diseases, chemical hazards, biological contaminants and low sound level requirements. The 30HQ hospital grade terminal unit has been purposely designed to address these parameters by using innovative options and construction methods, resulting in simplified maintenance and improved sound performance.

Each unit includes a factory mounted dissipative silencer that maximizes acoustical attenuation, minimizes pressure loss and reduces self-generated sound. Acoustic insulation in the silencer is wrapped in mylar, which acts to isolate the media from the airstream. Mylar also works as a vapor barrier preventing mold and bacterial growth in the acoustic media. FSK (Foil-Scrim-Kraft) faced Steri-Liner is the only liner available on the 30HQ series. This insulation offers a durable, cleanable surface throughout the VAV section and exposed silencer portions. By fully lining the silencer, there is no need to field apply external thermal duct wrap. Optional components such as access doors and removable flow sensors enhance the functionality of the 30HQ Series units to provide optimum performance and flexibility in hospital environments.


Standard Features:


  • Designed for hospital and other critical environment applications where IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is a concern.
  • 22 ga. (0.86) galvanized steel casing, mechanically sealed, low leakage construction.
  • 16 ga. (1.63) corrosion-resistant steel inclined opposed blade damper with extruded PVC seals (single blade on size 4, 5, 6). 45° rotation, CW to close. Tight close-off. Damper leakage is less than 2% of the terminal rated airflow at 3" w.g. (746 Pa)
  • 1/2" (13) dia. plated steel drive shaft. An indicator mark on the end of the shaft shows damper position.
  • Multi-point averaging Diamond Flow Sensor. Aluminum construction. Supplied with balancing tees.
  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive cleat duct connection.
  • Full NEMA 1 type controls enclosure for factory mounted controls.
  • VAV section is lined with 13/16" (21) thick, 4 lb. density Steri-Liner insulation. Fiberglass with a reinforced aluminum FSK facing. Meets the requirements of NFPA 90A, UL 181 and ASTM C655.
  • "Notch and tuck" fabrication and full seam length steel Z-Strip construction.
  • Right-hand controls location is standard and is determined looking into direction of airflow. Optional left hand controls mounting is available.
  • Available in 11 sizes ranging from 0 to 8330 cfm (0-3931 l/s) for 30HQ and 30HQW units. 25-8330 cfm (12-3931 l/s) on 30HQE.


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