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Single Duct Terminal Unit, Steel, w/Optional Digital Controls

Variable Air Volume Systems supply a constant temperature to an area and varies the volume as opposed to a conventional HVAC system which supplies a constant volume and varies the air temperature.  


Operating costs are greatly reduced compared to the larger conventional HVAC systems by using less fan energy and less refrigeration energy. Variable Air Volume Systems also cut initial cost by taking advantage of


  • 16 ga. (1.63) corrosion-resistant steel inclined opposed blade damper with seals. 45° rotation. 1/2" (13) dia. plated steel drive shaft. An indicator mark on the end of the shaft shows damper position. Tight close-off. Damper leakage is less than 2% of nominal flow at 3" w.g. (750 Pa). 
  • Inclined opposed blade valve is inherently more linear in its flow characteristics than the standard butterfly type damper. More accurate flow control is ensured, which reduces hysteresis for more stable control of the temperature in the zone.
  • Available in 11 unit sizes to handle from 215 – 6435 cfm (101 – 3037 l/s). • Compact low profile design to accommodate tight ceiling spaces. Maximum unit height is only 12 1/2" (318)  for sizes 4 through 16 [up to 3730 cfm (1761 l/s)]. Unit sizes 4 through 10 feature round inlets and 12 through 16 feature flat oval equivalent inlets.
  • Gauge taps provided for field calibration and balancing.
  • Multi-point averaging Diamond Flow Sensor for pressure independent applications.
  • 22 ga. (0.86) zinc coated steel casing, mechanically sealed, low leakage construction.
  • Rectangular discharge with slip and drive cleat duct connection.
  • 3/4" (19) dual density insulation maximizes acoustical and thermal performance. 4 lb. high density skin is treated to resist abrasion and erosion from airflow. Edges are coated. Meets requirements of NFPA 90A and UL 181.
  • Single point electrical or pneumatic main air connection.
  • Right-hand controls location is standard (shown) when looking in direction of airflow. Damper is CW to close. Optional left hand controls mounting is available, when damper is CCW to close.
  • Independently tested and certified laboratory performance data.



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